Gay Lisbon, discover the City with Miguel

Hello, my name is Miguel.

I'm a passionate guy with life here in Lisbon. After your stay, Lisbon will be in your heart forever.

I've used to work in a gay bar for seven years so about nightlife I have some tips that I can give you. About the city, I can take you to so many amazing and breath-taking places that will be photographed in your memory forever with a smile and the unique vibe and feel of Lisbon.

Don't miss it :)

You want to know a bit more about me and about Lisbon: read my interview in Gaybassadors' blog:

"Hey Miguel, you’re Gaybassador for Lisbon. Tell us a bit more about you?

Well, let me see!

I am living in Lisbon for four years now, I am 38 years of age, and I am a happy guy. For the last six years, I have been working in a gay bear bar, which I appreciate a lot, and have been connecting with people from all over the world.

For me, meeting new people is one of the most exciting experiences, to know their culture and to have the pleasure of showing mine. By the way, I am a party guy as well… having fun is a big part of who I am. Life can’t be taken so seriously; we only live once!"

About me: I am a person that loves to live a happy life and share that feeling with others.
I have been living in my City for:
1 to 4 years
4 to 8 years
8 years and much more
My main job / activity: Tour Director
My experience and qualification:
Gay Life/Organisations
I can speak:
Other languages: Portuguese
City: Lisbon
Meeting point: Princípe Real Park
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2 hours
3 hours
4 hours
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