Mistery of Girona

Girona is perfect for me, and I think for many people as well. This city is in the right equilibrium between the « hot latin and vibrant Spain » and the chill and developed North Europe.

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Which restaurants would you recommend in Girona?

Girona is a foodie destination, and it’s very difficult to recommend just a few places. New good restaurants are opening every year and you can always try new experiences.

In the middle of the old town, you will find Vadevins Restaurant. It is a nice place where you will find, pinxos, tapas, good wines, sausages and pleasant environment. I really love this place. If you visit Girona and want authenticity this is the not to be missed.

About me: I am a Spanish guy living in Girona since 1980. Time goes by so quickly…. I came for working and I decided to stay because I felt in love with this City at the first sight. I use to work as a tourism and Public Relation . Mostly during weekends. Actually, I work in a tourism office in a Little town in a montain, and the two cities love it are Barcelona and Girona, in this ciites I can find the very nice places with a History.
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