Gay guide Granada - Feeling Granada

Welcome to such a beautiful City like Granada.

You'll be able to visit one of the eldest Arabic beautiful cities. I suggest you to let me show you the Albaicin's neighbourhood, the Paseo de Los Tristes and the viewpoint of San Nicolás where you could admire the Alhambra's beauty.

You will enjoy this magic city.

If you want to know a bit more about me and about the City, please read my interview in blog, following this link :

Your favourite gay bars and venues

There are a lot of LGBTQ+ people in Granada, and they are very well accepted. Gay venues concentrated in the Old City around the Jardin Botanico / Plaza de Los Lobos.

The atmosphere is excellent, with much more local people and students than in bigger cities such as Barcelona or Madrid. And it’s very inexpensive, compared with those cities. For sure you can have a great night out with just 20 euros, including some beers, tapas and even a cab if you need it. Here are the places where you will meet real the Andaluz gay people :

You can begin your night with some drinks and tapas at La Sal. This bar is very popular with the young crowd, it is decidedly mixed, and plays good commercial house music ...

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