Hidden Corners of Palma de Mallorca

Hola, My name is Claudio, I was born in Chile and I been travelling around the world for the last 29 years...travel...love it!!!!!

From the Maldives to Antarctica - New York to Shangai, until I found a hidden gem in the Mediterranean called Mallorca. When you visit Palma de Mallorca with me, you will see why I love this place so much; it has it all, history, architecture, incredible landscapes, some of the most beautiful water I have ever seen, food...ooohhh ....simple, but fantastic food, more than 60 wineries and culture.

My other love is photography, so you can imagine the number of photos I have, from all over the world, and Mallorca.

I enjoy meeting people from all over the world but most importantly I love to show "off" my city or my island.

See you in Mallorca

Do you want to visit Palma de Mallorca like a local...come with me, I will show you the hidden corners of this beautiful city, yes there are a lot of tourist in town, but we will walk on the streets nobody knows they exist... maybe, because there is not shopping, but just history and beauty.

Let me show you Palma with my eyes and my experiences, if you want to see something specific, feel free to ask me!

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