Gay friendly tour of Budapest with Peter


I am Peter living in Budapest.

I invite you for a tour of my city and show you where I live my every day. We will start our tour at the Parliament and walk all through the major sites, and my personal favourites.

I speak German and English fluently, and French a bit. I love my city where I live for more than ten years now, and I am very enthusiastic when it comes to visitors showing around. I am a big fan of food and wine. Join me and let's visit Budapest together.

You want to know a bit more about me and about Amsterdam: read my interview in Gaybassadors' blog:

"Why do you love your city that much?

Even though I wasn’t born in Budapest, I have spent my last ten years here, and at first, I did not like it. I am just moving soon to my new apartment just right in the heart of the city. Budapest has a little bit of everything that is Europe.

Hard to say that we are in the east or central Europe, but the thing that is clear is Budapest is very “it City” now. The City went through so many changes in the last 6-7 years, and this energy is still on, and there is so much more to come.

What I love in Budapest in 5 words: City of SPAs, Market Halls, Parliament, Jewish party district, Coffee."

About me: My Budapest is your Budapest, this is a way how I would like to show you my city
I have been living in my City for:
1 to 4 years
4 to 8 years
8 years and much more
My main job / activity: HR Manager
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Gay Life/Organisations
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Other languages: Hungarian
City: Budapest
Meeting point: Parliamant square
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