London - LGBT+ Scene Pub and Club Crawl... and Beyond

London is one of the greatest cities I have ever visited and the LGBT+ scene is rather big and can be quite overwhelming. There is an abundance of pubs, clubs and other events going on not only at the weekend, but you can find some hidden gems and discounts during the week as well.

The stops highlighted below are only reference points. If you have specific ideas or requests for certain establishments, clientele or vibes, I will find the best place for you. If you are interested in fun places and activities outside the LGBT+ scene, there is tons of amazing things to do and see as well. I'm also a photographer and filmmaker so very happy to take pictures on the day and send them to you for no extra cost.

Soho is the main LGBT+ district of London, however there are many other areas and individual establishments all over the city, such as Vauxhall, which is more of a late night until early morning area, or the East district, which offers indie/alternative vibes compared to the mainstream LGBT crowd. Feel free to ask for tailor-made tours!

Or, if you just need an LGBT+ friendly tour guide for the main tourist attractions, I'm your guy as well and have a lot of not so obvious but amazing attractions in mind :-)

If you are preparing your trip to Europe, have a look on Gaybassadors' blog, for gay friendly locals' interviews, City guides and more LGBT travel tips:

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