Potsdam beautiful and romantic City for any gay guy.

Hey, I am Jairo.

I studied social communication in Sao Paulo - Brazil. I worked in advertising agencies and work as a touristic guide for four years in Berlin, also Potsdam and Leipzig. I live for many years in Berlin and love the City, which makes my work even more beautiful.

It is my pleasure to show you how exciting the city of Berlin is with all of the cultural events, historical monuments, gay life and an incredible melting pot of cultures, arts and ideas.

Potsdam is famous for its palaces, gardens and the cosy atmosphere in the city. If you like romantic, you feel good there.

The City is the place to contemplate amazing pieces of German/ Prussian architecture such as Sanssouci, New Palace, or Saint Nicholas church.

A particular story is about Friedrich the great, who improved a lot the city with his buildings and cultural life because there are many speculations about his private and sexual life. If you want to enjoy this beautiful city with me, get your chance.

If you want to know a bit more about Berlin and about me, you can read my interview on Gaybassadors' blog following this link:


About me: Jairo
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My main job / activity: Touristic guide
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Gay Life/Organisations
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Other languages: Portuguese ( brazilian portuguese )
City: Berlin
Meeting point: at the Berlin Zoologischer Garten train station.
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