Berlin, the secret sides with Franco

Berlin is not only a city – it is history, people, places, emotions and much more.

It also has many different faces depending on the season: in the summer it’s green, sunny and warm like a house track, perhaps evoking images of the Love Parade, the famous open-air street rave held here in the ‘90s. In contrast, winter is cold, gray, metallic – taking you back to the David Bowie’s Berlin when he composed his Heroes/Low albums in the ‘70s. So take your pick!

I’ll accompany you on an exploration of some of the city’s lesser-known places. After all, who needs a guide to see the major attractions you’ll find in every city guide anyway?

Below I’ve listed several spots for you to choose from depending on your tastes and interests. Of course, it would take more than four hours to show you all of them, but you’re still sure to get plenty out of the experience no matter which ones you choose.

I’ll also be happy to give you some additional recommendations for continuing to explore in the city on your own, by day (museums, shops, markets, etc.) or by night (bar, clubs, concerts, events, etc.).

I hope to hear from you very soon!

If you are preparing your trip to Europe, have a look on Gaybassadors' blog, for gay friendly locals' interviews, City guides and more LGBT travel tips:

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