Gay Oslo, LGBT tour with Morten

I know Oslo very well, and can show you everything from the islands to the forests, the city centre as well as the gay life!

Want to know more about me and about Oslo? Read my interview on Gaybassadors' blog:

"My favourite local places

Walking in the district of Grünerløkka or Grønland and just take a coffee, beer in some outdoor place and people watch.

Going on the fjord with the ferries to some of the islands and swim or sunbathe. Some of them are naturists beaches for gays and can be quite cruisy.

Going to a small lake in Oslo’s forest called Svartkulp for nude sunbathing and swimming. It’s nice to stay there all day and night if you have a small tent.

Have an evening with friends in the two strictly gay bars we have here in Oslo.

My restaurants

Oslo has a lot of international restaurants but very few who have a Norwegian menu, though most restaurants have fish, and that is very Norwegian.

My favourite restaurant is Habibi, which is the best Middle Eastern restaurant in Oslo

Then we have delicious and quite cheap sushi and Asian restaurant called Monsun.

Kaffistova is a restaurant very near the two gay bars in the city and has very typical Norwegian food. This is the most Norwegian place in Oslo.

Lorry is also a good, old restaurant with a lot of artists frequenting.

My bars and gay venues

Oslo has two strictly gay bars, but you will be welcome everywhere.

London Pub is the oldest gay pub in Oslo. It’s a traditional pub with a pool table downstairs and a disco which is open after 22 most nights. Very often they have drag shows and karaoke. It is a very social place catering for most ages.

Elsker is a place 1 minute away from London. It’s mostly younger people there, and it has a very good atmosphere.

Oslo SLM is a bar, open in the weekends with theme nights and a lot of cruising /action. If you are nude, you don’t have to pay for the entrance."

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