Daniel F

I am a Spanish guy living in Girona since 1980. Time goes by so quickly….
I came for working and I decided to stay because I felt in love with this City at the first sight. I use to work as a tourism and Public Relation .
Mostly during weekends. Actually, I work in a tourism office in a Little town in a montain, and the two cities love it are Barcelona and Girona, in this ciites I can find the very nice places with a History.
Why do you love Girona that much?
Girona is perfect for me, and I think for many people as well. This city is in the right equilibrium between the « hot latin and vibrant Spain » and the chill and developed North Europe.
Girona has the best of both sides, lovely 300 sunny days per year, close to the mountains, excellent food, more than 2000 years of History.
Which are the main spots you like to show to gay travellers ?
In my opinion if you want to know this amazing city, you need 3-4 days minimum. I love to show the city chronologically and I would say the main spots are:
A tour for the scenes of the movies rodades in the littoral of Girona.
A tour for the scenes of Games of the torn
Walking along the secrets better avoided the city of Girona
The cultural offer, the excellent gastronomy and the night out gay.
All this, well combined is what I call a perfect day in Barcelona.
My 4 favourite places
The Cathedral
The walls of the city
The city
My home
And I Speak English, French, Spanish and Catalan

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